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new location in case anyone cares. Live Journal isn't working for me anymore and it is so weird on my phone. http://hannahagility.wordpress.com/

Puppy angst

I just kept thinking of that word "angst" when I was trying to decide on a pup. I am not going to go into detail here - but trust me, I have been a mental train wreck for a long time due to this. I am so glad the end is near. Puppy comes home with me on Sunday! The breeder is in Spokane and is driving to meet me in Ellensburg with two pups. No, I will not come home with two, but I get to pick! How cool is that. I am very excited. I probably shouldn't be writing this down, I feel like I am jinxing myself, but I just can't keep it to myself any longer!

I was talking to my sister about this. My sister is just starting out in agility with a jack russell/chihuahua mix. When I tried to tell her how tied up in knots I got just thinking about getting a new dog, she totally understood. She says she can see the anxiety in handlers starting out their 2nd/3rd/4th agility dog and how they watch the dog with fear in thier eyes, just hoping and praying the dog will be as fast or faster than their last dog. That the dog will be confident and love agility. But you just have to do your best and it will be what it will be. I had an epiphany the other day. Here I was all the time looking for a dog that LOOKED like Hannah. I would only look at black faced tris. How stupid is that? Just because it looks like Hannah, doesn't mean it will be Hannah.

So the new pup will be here on Sunday, and I am nervous/excited/happy all at the same time. I really think Hannah will enjoy having another dog to play with, as Breezy hasn't been up for playing for quite a few years. Its going to be an adventure!

This is a bit of a blurry picture of a little black squirrel we saw up on Cougar Mountain this morning. The black squirrel is the native squirrel you hardly ever see because they have been pushed out by the more agressive grey squirrels. This little guy was not afraid of us at all.

I was walking up near the top where there are horse trails. I was coming to a bend in the trail and I heard what I thought were horses coming up fast. So I scooped Hannah up and stood off to the side. It turned out it was not horses but a very large couple jogging with two chow dogs. I stayed where I was, I really didn't have much choice because they were four abreast and taking up the whole trail. One of the chows started to run at us, the guy had to call him back twice. I didn't say anything, I guess I could have said "I thought you were horses", but that would have been kind of mean and weird. As they went past, the woman gave me a dirty look and said "they aren't wild animals, they are just dogs, you don't have to be afraid". Still I kept silent, not knowing how to reply. I was trying to be nice and let them pass, a simple "thank you" from them might have been more appropriate. But she wasn't done. As I put Hannah down and continued on the trail, she said very loudly to her husband, "She thought our dogs were killers". That did it. I yelled back at her, "no, I thought my dog would kill yours, bitch". Okay, a stupid thing to say, I really don't see Hannah taking on two chows, but what the heck?


I took Friday off so I could do two days of WSOTC at Skykomish park in Monroe. It is such a beautiful park and a great place to have a trial.

Friday started off with standard, the course went tire, jump, aframe and Hannah spun right in front of the aframe. I think I started off a little tentative, being worried about her contact. But the rest of the run was gorgeous and fast and I even did a blind cross!

The JWW run was ugly, but a Q. Hannah was just quite sticky. And barky.

Saturday the standard course looked easy, walked like it had good flow, but when you got out there to run it, it had some difficult angles. Hannah and I Q'd but it was a very seat of the pants run. There was one incident where I kicked Hannah. She was heading right off the teeter, and I was veering left. She collided with my leg and I heard "oompf". Luckily, no one was hurt and we made it thru.

JWW seemed hard. But we ran it without any issues, except at the end everyone was rear crossing the second to the last jump. I tried, but I could tell Hannah was having none of it and was ready to turn back to me, so I just ran around it and redirected her. Not pretty, but it got the job done. Need to work on rear crosses.


A friend and I got recruited to judge a 4H agility trial this weekend. It turned out to be the hottest day of the year by far. At least there was a bit of a breeze in the morning, so it didn't really get terrible until we were almost done in the afternoon.

The kids were so cute and the dogs were fun to watch! Some of them had been sticking with it long enough that they were really getting the hang of it, some were just learning. They all gave it their all and I didn't hear one complaint the whole day. Fabulous.


This was the first of three weekends that we have off from agility. Yesterday, Dan and i went fishing and I caught a big fish. A 15-16 inch trout to be specific. Dan caught a little bitty trout. Ha ha. So far in the new hobby of fishing, I am in the lead.

Today, I went to the painting place with Kaylee. Its where you go and paint and get a glass of wine. I was trying so hard to get my painting right, I put my paintbrush in my wine. so funny. But it was super fun to spend some time with my daughter.

When I got home, I looked at Dan and said, "whats wong". He said that when he got home from golfing, he let Hannah out and she ran out in the backyard and was out there for a couple minutes when he heard a big commotion. He went back there and she had killed a rodent (okay, I am calling it a rodent, because I hope it was a big mouse and not a rat). Anyway, I guess she was very very proud of herself. Dan way very worried about her because he thought she was bleeding. But I checked her out and although there was blood, she didn't seem to be injured, so I am guessing it was rodent blood. yikes, I am glad I was not home.


This spring I have been working with Andrea mostly on stuff to help Hannah, and not so much on handling. I had sent her some videos a while back and she thought it would be helpful to work on my handling, specifically front crosses. Andrea showed me the correct way to do a front cross. I did it and it felt so weird. Then she kind of gave up on me and said, lets try some blind crosses. I now know how to do a blind cross. Ha ha. Probably a long way from doing one at a trial, but at least I have some knowledge to build on. Then we went back to front crosses. Wow, if I can learn how to do what she showed me and just run thru insted of waiting, waiting, waiting, it would be such a breakthru. I have a little break coming up of three weekends with no trials. Partly because I forgot to enter one and then two weeks where there was really nothing local I wanted to do.

What happened?

Golden AKC trial today. It was a really nice day, weather wise. This trial had a very strange schedule, which had excellent standard starting around 10:30. Of course, I did have to get there around 8:30, so we had to wait for a while.

Standard looked on paper like a very straightforward, almost easy course. It did not run that way. Hannah had a nice run going when we came to the tunnel/aframe discrimination near the end, where she was supposed to go into the tunnel. She locked on to the aframe, and there was nothing I could do about it. Oh well, she had nice contacts and was running well, so I was fairly happy.

I don't know what happened in JWW. She did knock a bar on the second jump, maybe that stressed her, but I didn't have her after that. She was running her own course. I tried, but there was nothing I could do, she was just not really with me. All I could do was laugh. Silly girl.

what I did at lunch today

I bought a crate.... a puppy-size crate. I am giddy like a pregnant mama who just bought her first crib. Maybe its really going to happen this time.


Yesterday was the first outdoor trial of the season. The Samoyed Trial at Skykomish Park in Monroe. The club did an awesome job of putting this trial on. The standard course was quite tricky. I knew the section after the table which went jump to tunnel would be hard for Hannah. I should have hung back a little and let her go ahead, because by the time she got over the jump, I was standing at the tunnel entrance and she was having none of it. She really stopped and barked. Then actually just stopped and looked up at me. Oh Hannah.

JWW was amazing. Her fastest time yet.

Came home, took a nap and then went to the Ballet with my daughter. What a fun day.



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